Acupuncture Improves Gut Health


By Doug Burr, MS, L.Ac, Catalyst Acupuncturist

Traditional Chinese medicine has long understood the importance of good digestion. One famous medical doctor from the 16th century, Yu Jia Yan, wrote:

If the Stomach is strong, life will be healthy; if the Stomach is weak, life will be unhealthy.

There’s a direct link between our digestive system and our immune system. Being able to absorb all vital nutrients, and eliminate excess waste products efficiently is essential to maintaining healthy tissues: muscles, nerves, organs, blood, and blood vessels.

Absorption problems can manifest as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas, poor appetite, and excessive weight. Other complications like arthritis, chronic inflammation, kidney stones, gallstones, and autoimmune disorders are also associated with poor digestive health.

Acupuncture can improve your gut health by helping your body better absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. It increases the digestive energy required for healthy absorption and elimination, and also enhances the bio-availability of nutrients.

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