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Catalyst Physical Therapy and Wellness is now offering individualized, golf-specific training and rehabilitative programs. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Instructors will take you through a 16-step physical screen to determine functional limitations in the body that can lead to inefficiencies in the golf swing and long-term injuries.

Our fitness and medical professionals will design a training or rehabilitative program specific to your individual needs based on the results of your physical screen. Whether you are in pain currently, looking to prevent future injury, or just want to hit the ball longer and straighter, we have the program for you. 

What does the Catalyst Golf Assessment include?

All of the following will be conducted by our Physical Therapist that specializes in the sport of golf:

  • 16-step golf specific physical movement screen to identify movement faults

  • Video analysis of your swing to identify faulty biomechanics

  • Review of your golf swing video analysis results

  • Review of your physical impairments in need of correction

  • Corrective exercise prescription and bodywork provided by a licensed Physical Therapist

Also included with your Golf Assessment:

  • Discounted coaching and follow-up visits with your physical therapist
  • Discounted sports massage

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Sports Teams & Individual Testing Available

While the Catalyst Golf Program is designed for individuals, team golf assessments are also available.

As a coach, you will receive a comprehensive team profile, complete with your individual athlete’s golf assessments, and recommended corrective exercises. This information is vital in helping you coordinate training plans for each athlete.

Battling the rigors of professional competition?  Or challenged with coaching several athletes that need adjustments to their running form?

Majo here is a professional beach volleyball player, as well as a volleyball coach. By listening to her story, you will learn why she works with the team at Catalyst.  We not only help her compete at the highest level in sport pain-free, but we also provide her with the tools to be a better coach.

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