GOOD NEWS: Most payers are now approving Telehealth as a means to deliver physical therapy at no extra cost to the patient! We highly recommend you check with your insurance plan to determine your eligibility.

Don’t suffer any longer than you have to and reach out to our experts to help dial in a plan that meets your individual needs. With people working from home and forced into isolation, there has never been a larger need for personalized exercise to keep people healthy and strengthen immunity!

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.“

~ Steve Wozniak


Our telehealth program allows for our top-tier physical therapy and personal training services to be delivered around the world through electronic communication.


  • Do you live in a rural area that requires a large amount of travel to receive care?
  • Do you live in a different state or country but want our opinion on how to progress your care?
  • Have you tried traditional style Physical Therapy and not healed?
  • Do you struggle to complete your home exercises without supervision?
  • Do you have questions about your form while exercising and need recommendations?
  • Do you need more immediate treatments or increased frequency but the burden of leaving your home prevents this from happening?


  • Computer or Mobile Device
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Open Space/Room
  • Clothing
  • New Client Paperwork
Computer or Mobile Device

Here’s how to download and install Zoom if you’re working on a Mac:

Here’s how to download and install Zoom on a PC:

Using your iPhone or iPad?:

Download the Zoom App from the App Store.

Using Zoom on an Android?:

Download Zoom through the Google Play

How to Use Zoom Written Directions

Here’s What to Expect on Your First Zoom Call Meeting:


This is usually integrated into your device, and if not, it can typically be added to your device to allow for transmission of sound. Several inexpensive options exist on the market.


This is also usually integrated into your device, but if not, it can typically be added without too much hassle. Be sure this camera or your device is able to display the room and capture your full body image.

Open Space/Room

Our video sessions will require open space that is free of clutter and tripping hazards.


Your practitioner will need to expose certain areas of your body to assess the joints, muscles, and skeletal alignment. It is asked that dress appropriately in form-fitting gym apparel so you can move around and expose these regions while maintaining an appropriate amount of coverage.

New Client Paperwork

Click here to access and fill out our new client registration forms: Click Here for Forms Page


  • Can I use my insurance to pay for telehealth?
  • Will telehealth replace my need to see a physical therapist?
  • What is given after each appointment to assist me with carrying out a plan?
  • What should I expect during my first appointment?
  • How long does an appointment generally last?
  • Does my internet speed matter?
Can I use my insurance to pay for telehealth?

Per the California Emergency Services Act (Gov . Code sections 8566, et seq.), “health plans shall reimburse providers at the same rate, whether a service is provided in-person or through telehealth, if the service is the same regardless of the modality of delivery, as determined by the provider’s description of the service on the claim. 

Basically, we are now able to deliver telehealth and receive reimbursement from most third party payors/private insurances. Catalyst will bill your insurance directly; however, we still ultimately hold our patients responsible for knowing their telehealth Physical Therapy benefits.As always our front office is willing to help you understand your benefits and they remain just a phone call away. However, it’s nearly impossible to know all the specifics of each person’s plan and we highly recommend calling your third party payor before initiating care to have your benefits explained. Some common concerns to ask about are deductibles, co-pays, number of visits allowed and if prescription/pre-authorization is required.

Will telehealth replace my need to see a physical therapist?

While we know our hands-on care is extremely valuable, we don’t want to undervalue what Telehealth can accomplish – especially during the current pandemic. We are finding our practitioners and patients are really enjoying this new face-to-face interaction while maintaining safety from exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Being movement experts, our PT’s are able to assess specific regions of your body in need of attention causing faulty movement patterns and help you correct through the camera. Upon noting the areas of your body in need of help, the PT will direct you on self-care techniques and exercises to correct the dysfunction. 

Telehealth is never recommended in place of seeing a physical therapist in person as the hands-on assessment is a fundamental thing we always promote with our staff.  However, it acts as a nice supplement for people feeling stuck with their exercise progressions and can serve as a boost to your healing potential. It’s not uncommon for patients enrolled in Physical Therapy elsewhere to seek out a telehealth visit with a member from our team. Our team of professionals are extensively trained in biomechanics and able to assist people from all over the world in dialing in their care.

What is given after each appointment to assist me with carrying out a plan?

You will also be provided with a mobile-friendly home exercise program to perform between each appointment.  This video program allows you to watch tutorials and follow along as the exercise is performed. Each exercise parameter is entered into your program to ensure you are staying compliant with assigned guidelines set by your practitioner.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

During your first appointment, you can expect our rehabilitative/fitness professionals to:

  1. Look over your posture and discuss a plan to restore symmetry
  2. Provide a head-to-toe assessment of how your body moves
  3. Identify the source of your problem areas
  4. Ask questions to find the answers about what motivates you
  5. Determine a plan of action that gets you on track to achieve your goals

Click Here to See What to Expect on Your First Zoom Call Meeting.

How long does an appointment generally last?

Each appointment usually lasts 30-50 minutes to allow for answering of all questions and testing to be conducted. If you have multiple areas of concern or a more elaborate history of chronic pain, we may need to assess your chief complaints during the first visit and use follow up visits to cover the other regions.

Does my internet speed matter?

In short, yes. Ideally, internet speed should be at least 15Mbps for downloads and at least 5Mbps for uploads. This will allow for a clear video experience. We realize you might not be a tech-person and recommend using speet test to check if your internet will work. If you find your ranges are below the recommended amount, we suggest first attempting to use a direct wired connection (ethernet cable) to your router. If that does not help, a call to your internet provider and upgrade in service might be necessary.

Unsure what you need or how to proceed?

Just as you want to know if we can help you, we want to be sure our team will be a good fit for your particular needs. Call or fill out a form below to get in touch with us and have your questions answered.


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