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~ Brian Wilson


At Catalyst we understand the process of healing for an injured worker is unique.

Our physical therapists deliver care with a positive approach and goal-oriented treatment programs designed to return the worker back to the job more efficient and safer. We customize care to the specific needs of the injured worker and practice open-communication between all parties involved to assure proper job tasks are chosen based off the functional capacity of the worker.


  • Neck & Back Injuries
  • Overuse Tendon Injuries
  • Postural Syndromes
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Lifting/Carrying Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Joint Breakdown

Unsure what you need or how to proceed?

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More About Work Related Injuries

Our clinic’s expanded schedule and open concept floor plan allow an injured worker to recover effectively. We offer early morning and evening appointments to avoid work schedule conflicts. Our front desk team schedules over the phone and sends text/email reminders to the worker while monitoring attendance to ensure compliance and accountability is maintained.

In addition to our treatment plans for injured workers, we offer employer assistance with managing their employees’ physical and health needs through our Corporate Wellness Programs. These programs have been designed to identify at-risk individuals that battle with both chronic and acute illnesses. Custom wellness programs can then be designed to assist the employee with forming good habits and making smart choices that will allow for longevity in the workplace. Our corporate attitudes are changing from a “sit down and suck it up” kind of mindset to a “speak up and take care of your physical and mental needs!” Thus, our programs will assist the employer on shifting the focus to preventative medicine allowing for greater job satisfaction.

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