“Be sure you put you feet in the right place, then stand firm.“

~ Abraham Lincoln


Sometimes our feet need a little help absorbing forces that the body places upon them. Catalyst physical therapists are experts at identifying these needs and coming up with a custom solution to help you stand comfortably and regain your ability to move without pain.

Our foot care department provides the best orthotic prescription in San Diego. We’ve partnered with Northwest Podiatric Laboratory and Smartcast Systems to get rid of the outdated plaster casting. This allows us to use 3D technology in printing and scanning in our orthotic prescriptions. We can now scan a patient’s foot to get an exact 3D replica model. Taking it one step further, we use a foot positioning system at Catalyst that includes a laser alignment device to ensure each foot is positioned optimally when scanning and prescribing the perfect orthotic. With no time wasted, our patients will be back in action with the proper fit in a little over a week.

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