We make it our mission to have all our guests feel as though they’re a part of our family and receive the best care to restore optimal function.It was a pleasure working with you, Caroline! We’re thankful for your trust and patience throughout the entire process. We’re so proud of you!#TestimonialThursday #physicaltherapy #patientcenteredcare #choosept #trusttheprocess #qualityoflife #mindsetmatters #healthylife #goalsetting #reviews See MoreSee Less
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It’s recovery day for this client after boxing all week, but he’s NOT the only one with the combos 🥊🤔JAMES uses a mix of methods for this particular massage session by cupping the left and scrapping the right.🌟 Cupping can stimulate chemical breakdown of any toxins in the body and improve blood flow (among other benefits), helping the body heal faster after exercise. The Wave tool assists in soft tissue release and massages away muscle tension.After a great massage from James, our client is ready for sparring 💥🥊#sportsmassage #massagetherapy #fitnesslife #selfcare #wellness See MoreSee Less
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Physical therapy is boring… says no one at Catalyst. We absolutely love that Jake describes our environment as upbeat because that’s totally us… an upbeat group of people helping people!“Being upbeat is the key to life” – David Frost#TestimonialThursday #physicaltherapy #healthylifestyle #choosePT #fitnesslife See MoreSee Less
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