“Dear Runner, Never quit. Never give up. You can do this. See you soon!“

The Finish Line


Let’s get you running smarter and pain-free!

Running has become the go-to exercise for most people these days, and as a result, we’re seeing more run-related injuries in the clinic.

In our efforts to help keep you doing what you love, we have pulled in our run specialists to build out a unique program to serve both the San Diego & Boulder running community!

What does the Catalyst Run Assessment include?

All of the following will be conducted by our Physical Therapist that specializes in the sport of running:

  • Medical/Running History: a thorough review of your medical and running history will be performed along with goal-setting
  • Treadmill Analysis: A slow-motion video will capture your running form from different angles, allowing us to understand where you lose energy with running
  • Body Assessment: A run-specific body evaluation will be conducted to identify the areas of your body that need to be addressed to become a stronger runner
  • Corrective Exercise Program: The session will end with a corrective exercise program that should give you good starting points to begin making a change in the areas found to impede your success with running or reaching your goals.

Also included with your Run Assessment:

  • Discounted coaching and follow-up visits with your physical therapist
  • Discounted sports massage

So if you’re interested in running stronger, we invite you to book your Run Assessment today!


  • Dynamic Functional Movement Based 3-D Testing (customized to your sport’s needs)
  • Treadmill Video Analysis + Review
  • Static & Dynamic Postural Analysis
  • Corrective Exercises Prescription
  • Health/Medical History Review
  • FITT Training Profile (Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type)
run training program

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Sports Teams & Individual Testing Available

While the Catalyst Run Program is designed for individuals, team run assessments are also available.

As a coach, you will receive a comprehensive team profile, complete with your individual athlete’s run assessments, and recommended corrective exercises. This information is vital in helping you coordinate training plans for each athlete.

Battling the rigors of professional competition?  Or challenged with coaching several athletes that need adjustments to their running form?

Majo here is a professional beach volleyball player, as well as a volleyball coach. By listening to her story, you will learn why she works with the team at Catalyst.  We not only help her compete at the highest level in sport pain-free, but we also provide her with the tools to be a better coach.

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