A Proven Way to Lower Stress


Need a Proven Way to Lower Stress?

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do is get a massage.  Yes, I know I’m a massage therapist, but I wasn’t always.

I know what it feels like to sit long hours at a computer on a regular basis, and I know the stress this puts on the body and mind.  Often more than most of us even realize.

During these stressful and uncertain times, booking a massage for yourself, or buying a massage gift card can be one of the simplest ways to help lower stress.


What the Research Says About Stress

The World Health Organization labeled stress as one of the 21st century’s major health epidemics. In addition, stress-related work injuries and sick leave cost companies upwards of $300 billion per year.

Furthermore, the American Heart Association also conducted a meta-analysis of the multitude of corporate wellness research and stated this:

“An effective worksite wellness program can attract exceptional employees, improve on-the-job decision-making and work efficiency, enhance employee morale and organizational commitment, decrease turnover, and reduce organizational conflict.”



Catalyst Massage


How We Can Help Lower Stress In the Wake of COVID-19

We get it.  It’s hard to work stress relief into your daily routine.  It’s time-consuming and expensive.

Prior to COVID-19, we partnered with companies to provide therapeutic chair massage services on a weekly, monthly, or event-based schedule in an effort to care for their employees.  However, we’ve put our Corporate Wellness Programs on hold, and have new COVID-19 guidelines in place, as a healthcare facility, to provide a safe space for you and your co-workers.

In addition, we are now inviting corporate clients, along with individuals, to book a massage for yourself, or buy massage gift cards for their team members.


Taking time for self-care and wellness helps you decrease stress and increase productivity and happiness at work and at home.  In addition, the power of physical touch can help you or your employees:

  • decrease body weight
  • quit smoking
  • increase physical activity by relieving aches and pains
  • sleep better at night
  • lower blood pressure


Want more reasons to schedule a massage this week?  Read our latest post on the Top 5 Reasons to See a Massage Therapist in San Diego!


Final Thoughts on Why Massage and Wellness Now


A corporate wellness program indeed lowers your company’s healthcare costs in the long term.  Therefore, transferring these dollars in the form of massage gift cards for you and your team members means that you’ll miss fewer days of work.  In addition, you’ll be more productive while in the office or working from home.


Why is this so close to our hearts?

First, our sole purpose is to help those suffering from nagging pains, post-op injury recovery, and to help you lower your stress levels.  We want to get you back to doing what you love.

Aside from this, we’re fortunate enough to come to a workspace every day and feel excited, at home, and cared for by the entire team.  This is a benefit that does not escape us.  So in return, we want to help do the same for others.

Want to learn more about how you and your company’s employee-wellness program can pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Get the details on chair massage, or call our clinic today at 619-501-2195.

In addition, we also have our Monthly Massage Membership Program!


By Kacey McCoig, Massage Therapist



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