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You don’t have to wait to come see us to start your journey towards improved health. Here’s some tricks of the trade that we’ve found to be extremely beneficial from our Catalyst Community of practitioners. This advice should help you start making progress immediately and begin the healing process.

Women’s Pelvic Health

Ladies…get the answers to the most common questions you are either too embarrassed or afraid to ask a physical therapist or physician.
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Lower Back Pain

Learn the ins and outs of how to ease your back pain and stiffness without pain medication or surgery.
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Foot and Ankle

Learn how to properly care for your foot and ankle. Don’t just suffer and rest. Regain your walking comfort, standing endurance and ability to dance through the day.
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Knee Pain

Learn the most common faults we see that lead to joint pain in the knees. Gain the ability to avoid heavy reliance on painkillers, injections or bracing.
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Neck Pain

Get rid of headaches and annoying daily neck pain with these simple tips proven to restore posture, ease stiffness and build strength.
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