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To all you ladies out there: do know what the pelvic floor is? Whether or not you are familiar with this term, it’s a very important muscle group that when functioning properly does more than you’d think. And you won’t understand just how important it is until there’s dysfunction. Pelvic floor issues affect 25% of […]


Physical therapy can work wonders for helping us get back to sports, hobbies, or even simple tasks we once took for granted, but did you know that physical therapy can help kids of all ages, too? Catalyst is excited to announce that we are now accepting pediatric patients! Here’s a little more about what we […]


  By Pedro Sun, CSCS, Catalyst Personal Trainer As summer approaches, people all around San Diego are preparing to put their beach bodies on display. Crash diets, detoxes, working out ‘til every part of your anatomy is sore, and workout challenges are popular in the months leading up to beach season. Have you ever asked […]


By Doug Burr, MS, L.Ac, Catalyst Acupuncturist What if you could drastically enhance your recovery from sports injuries, or increase the effectiveness of your workouts? How about lose weight more easily? Fortunately, these are just a few of the benefits of acupuncture. Regular treatment heals your body’s deficiencies, returning you to an optimal state of health. Here’s […]

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