Catalyst Run Program

Welcome to the Catalyst Run Program

Whether you’re new to running, picking it back up, or have been running for 10+ years, we’re excited to welcome you to the Catalyst Run Program! This program is designed to help you become a better runner, decrease running-related injuries, and get you back to running pain-free.

We’ll be taking some big steps toward making you a better runner. This short online course will prep you for your run assessment and keep you on track as we work together.   

How it Works

Here are your first steps: 

  1. Meet your coaches and learn more about the run assessment
  2. Complete the run information survey
  3. Complete the Wisconsin Running Index if you’re currently running with an injury
  4. Schedule your run assessment
  5. Prep for your run assessment

Let’s get started and meet your coaches!  Click below in the Course Content to start now, or come back later to complete. 

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