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    Physical Therapy

    Our highly trained physical therapists provide individualized and holistic treatment that is backed by evidence and experience to ensure that our patients reach their personal goals. Our therapeutic approach places an emphasis on functional movement and exercise; with an integration of manual therapy and patient education that empowers individuals to reach their optimum level of function. We pride ourselves in creating a warm, inviting, and healing environment where we reduce pain, improve function, and create lasting relationships to ensure a lifetime of pain-free, joyful living.

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    Massage therapy is one of the oldest medical practices still around today, dating back to Chinese medical texts written over 4,000 years ago and has since been adapted into the Western healthcare system. Our therapists are extensively trained in many modalities, but choose to offer only those in which they have found their own expertise and passion.

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    Acupuncture is one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is an ancient form of therapy that has been proven to be extremely effective as a primary health care modality. This holistic approach has been used to balance the body, mind, and spirit for over 4,000 years and is recognized by the NIH, WHO, and NCCAM as a safe and non-invasive medicine. Our experts are here to provide a safe and welcoming environment with the goals of empowering you to live your life optimally.

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    Endurance Coaching

    Our endurance coaches pride themselves in designing comprehensive, progressive, and individualized endurance training programs. Catalyst Coaching’s unparalleled integration of applied functional science and sport-specific training maximizes your athletic potential while minimizing injury risk. The coaches at CPTW recognize EVERYONE as an athlete (from walk-joggers to Boston qualifiers) and we embrace the opportunity to accelerate change in your life – let our endurance training programs be the catalyst to your first race, a new PR, or your best season yet!

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    Personal Training

    “Individualized and comprehensive” is the name of the game when it comes to our personal training programs. With strong backgrounds in applied functional science and a wide range of athletic experiences, our trainers are ready to help you jump-start a program, push your goals to new heights, or prepare for that next athletic challenge. We believe everyone is an athlete and intend on providing an initial, extensive assessment to design your unique program; followed by continuous, objective assessments to track your progress. Trust our team to help you accelerate the change you desire.

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    Catalyst prides itself in providing services that are integrated and holistic to change the way you move and think about fitness. Our group yoga classes are an integral part of our fitness culture. By utilizing varying postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and styles, our yoga instructors use their combination of unique experiences to lead you through a transformative fitness experience. Please see the “Yoga” section of our website for class descriptions, scheduling, and personal yoga class information.

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    This is a unique, FREE, 15-minute opportunity to get individualized advice, guidance, and screening from a qualified physical therapist. This time will be efficiently utilized as the practitioner and yourself see fit. Come in and see how the Catalyst team can serve you!


Catalyst Physical Therapy and Wellness offers a wide range of services from our highly experienced staff of therapists, coaches, and trainers. Services include physical therapy, evaluation and injury screen, massage therapy, group yoga, group functional fitness, personal training, and endurance coaching.


Fun and professional. (shhh, that’s our secret to success). Oh, and do we know our stuff… you’ll be a believer at our first meeting.


All training and coaching programs are tailored to the individual. We place a strong emphasis on personal health and wellness. Our priority is to help meet YOUR goals.

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