Personal Training
“Individualized and comprehensive” is the name of the game when it comes to our personal training programs. With strong backgrounds in applied functional science and a wide range of athletic experiences, our trainers are ready to help you jump-start a program, push your goals to new heights, or prepare for that next athletic challenge. We believe everyone is an athlete and intend on providing an initial, extensive assessment to design your unique program; followed by continuous, objective assessments to track your progress.

Trust our team to help you accelerate the change you desire.

Strength Training


Coming out of physical therapy to regain lost strength, mobility, flexibility.
Strength training will help keep you out of physical therapy and has many benefits.
Better body composition, more toned, increased strength, more lean body mass, and increase bone mass just to name a few.


If you have injuries or special needs.
If you don’t feel comfortable and need some guidance on how to exercise based on how your body moves.
If you want to make sure you don’t end up in physical therapy again or have sport specific exercise needs.


If you need some help with your goals and need to reach them fast.
If you have a particular goal and need a kick in the butt, working with us will help you stay accountable, responsible, and help you stay motivated throughout the process.
We understand life gets busy. Make the exercise less stressful, and more enjoyable while getting to your destination.


If you want to live a healthier life.
Wellness is an important part of everyone’s life.
Working with a Catalyst personal trainer will help you understand what strategies you can use to employ wellness strategies to your busy life. Everyone wants to be healthy, but very few are willing to put in the work to get the benefits. Ask yourself how you want to live!


Last but not least, for the physical and mental benefits.
It’s no secret that exercising is one of the main ways to “stay young”.
Exercise to feel good, have better self-esteem, have better mental clarity, and above all live a better life!

Want to know what people are saying about Pedro’s training?

“I went a whole 22 years of my life with out ever doing any kind of stregnth training or working out, and then i decided to do some one on one training with Pedro… this is by far one of the best decisions I have made in I think my whole life. The whole reason I never worked out was because of my own insecurities and not believing in myself that I could do it. “

– Vincent B.

“I trained with Pedro for a little over 2 months and loved every moment of it! We worked on my overall physical activity level and strengthening muscles that had not been used in some years. Working in a office left little room for moving around; Pedro not only whipped my toosh into gear when I was with him, but also gave me circuits to do days I did not train with him. Pedro’s sweat-tastic-hurt-so-good workouts served me whole body goodness!”

– Lyndsey S.

“You’re scared.  He gets it! I was scared by being morbidly obese I wasn’t going to be able to lose the weight.  That I was going to fail myself and him.  That he wasn’t going to understand me and all that was was my own perception.  He doesn’t think anything negative about anyone who comes to him, no matter what your size! 🙂 He never judged me and he only encouraged me to keep it up, that a health journey is a marathon not a sprint.  He understood that when I didn’t lose weight the first few weeks, I wasn’t a failure and he wasn’t failing me either nor was I to him.  I just kept on with the work outs, got stronger, changed my eating habits, understood myself better mentally and physically and I can honestly say the woman I was before I met Pedro is long gone.”

– Margaret B.


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