How to prepare for your first visit…
  • You will be e-mailed a pre-registration form directly after you make your first appointment, that you can submit on-line.
  • You can conveniently complete the rest of your paper work by logging onto our website.
  • If you are unable to access our on-line pre-registration, don’t worry, the forms are available in paper-form when you arrive.
  • Please come prepared in shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top to allow freedom of movement and for us to perform our full-body assessments.
  • Arrive 25 minutes before your appointment time to allow for all the needed forms to be processed and make certain you are receiving an hour of care and attention by your therapist.


What to expect during your first visit…
  • A dynamic and comprehensive, hour-long, evaluation led by a qualified and experienced therapist.
  • Your therapist will be by your side, helping to create a plan that addresses your unique body and goals.
  • Get ready to move! Our therapy philosophy is centered around improving function and reducing pain, by changing the way your body moves in a holistic manner. This means that we will be assessing how your whole body moves and feels.
  • Please come prepared in gym clothing that allows freedom of movement and exposes the body part that we will be focusing on. Shorts for all leg concerns, and a loose fitting t-shirt or tank top for all arm related problems is appropriate.
  • Feel free to call our dedicated front desk staff with any questions or concerns to help you feel prepared before your visit with us.


New Patients... Download and print the forms for your next visit.